What is attempt? Under IPC & PMLA

In State of Maharashtra v. Mohd.Yakub, (1980) 3 SCC 57, the Hon'ble Supreme Court observed that in  sum,   a person   commits the offence of "attempt to commit a particular offence" when 
(i) he intends to commit that  particular offence and 
(ii) he,  having  made  preparations   and  with  the  intention  to commit the offence, does an act towards its commission; such an   act   need   not   be   the   penultimate   act   towards   the commission of  that offence  but must be an act during the course of committing that offence."
Thus,  an  “ attempt  to  indulge”  would  necessarily   require  not   only  a  positive  "intention"  to  commit  the  offence,  but  also preparation for the same coupled with doing of an act towards commission of such offence with such  intention to commit the offence. 


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