Service of Court Notice through WhatApp is a New Dynamic norm of service of Court Notice

Recently courts have started a new trend acknowledging the utility of services like WhatsApp for service of court notice. In one of such instance the Hon'ble court of HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE RAJIV SAHAI ENDLAW in the High court of Delhi in CS(COMM) 1601/2016 titled as TATA SONS LIMITED & ORS vs. JOHN DOE(S) & ORSallowed service of notice through WhatsApp, also.  This is a new progressive development to overcome difficulties in serving court notices.

The Hon'ble Mr. J. G.S. PATEL,   of Bombay High Court in the case of 

Kross Television India Pvt Ltd  Versus Vikhyat Chitra Production in SUIT (L) NO. 162 OF 2017, on 23rd March, 2017 

has stated: 

"I do not see what more can be done for the purposes of this Motion.

It cannot be that our rules and procedure are either so ancient or so rigid (or both) that without some antiquated formal service mode through a bailiff or even by beat of drum or pattaki, a party cannot be said to have been ‘properly’ served.

The purpose of service is put the other party to notice and to give him a copy of the papers.

The mode is surely irrelevant.

We have not formally approved of email and other modes as acceptable simply because there are inherent limitation to proving service. Where an alternative mode is used, however, and service is shown to be effected, and is acknowledged, then surely it cannot" 


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